What are the stages in a Cloud Culture Implementation?

Initiate - Project Kick Off. Assigned activities to project team.

Analyze - Discussion of Strategic directions of the Business and the business requirements the clients wants to resolve with the use of Netsuite.

Design - Cloud Culture will look at the best way to design / configure the solution.

Configure - Cloud Culture consultants will teach Customer how to configure and maintain the system in order for Customer to become self-sufficient with the functionality. For example, Cloud Culture will show Customer how to create a billing schedule in order for Customer to enter their remaining billing schedules into the application. This is a fundamental principle of the Implementation Project approach – Shared project responsibility.

Validate - The customer will conduct User acceptance testing and Cloud Culture will analyse any defects identified.

Deploy - These relate to the activities required for Go Live. These include End User Training and migrating static data and open transaction balances.

Optimise - Learn from your implementation, transition to support and enhance solution to improve productivity.


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