What is your approach to Data Migration?

We are often asked about existing data and the whether this is a daunting task for those considering migrating to Cloud based solutions.

Data Migration involves the following;

Import of Master / Static Data eg. Customers, Suppliers, Items etc

Import of Open transactions eg. Open Sales Invoices

The customer is responsible for the necessary automation, extraction, consolidation, cleansing, integration and importation work.

Cloud Culture will;

Analyse the data conversion requirements of the Customer.

Recommend an approach for each area, assist the Customer to design their data templates and guide the Customer on the most appropriate timing of the conversions.

To provide training to the Customer on using the data Migration tool for Data Import & using Netsuite native tools.

To provide generic excel data templates where available to be used as a guide by the Customer.

To support the Customer in their data conversion process to ensure its success.

 We do not recommend the importing of past transactions.  This can be expensive and adds significant costs to a project.  Past customers keep a read only version of their previous systems.

We are there to assist you in your data migration journey.


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