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  • Customization of NetSuite to suit business requirements
  • Complex quoting capabilities
  • Streamlining of Pricing Matrices
  • An ERP Solution that will grow as the business grows
  • Ecommerce Integration
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Where we started

Automation specialists, Kadan provide automation products and systems fora wide range of industries, including the Residential, Commercial, Education, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Community Sectors.

Their focus on user experience and comfort helps them ensure efficiency and ease of use are embedded in their solutions, ensuring the hassle-free and future-proof integration of electrical, mechanical and other building services to deliver exceptionally smart buildings.

The complexities of Kadan’s business were no longer compatible with their existing systems. The manual nature of their Quickbooks and spreadsheets approach had reached its limits and was leading to fragmented data and operational bottlenecks.

Information that was crucial to operational intelligence was scattered across documents and spreadsheets, and they faced significant challenges in managing their quoting process – a task that had become increasingly arduous and full of errors.

What we delivered

The dynamic nature of Kadan’s projects demanded an agile ERP solution that could adapt to evolving supply needs. After 12 months of evaluation, they determined that NetSuite was the right technology to help move the business forward.

Now what they needed was the right partner to implement NetSuite into their business.

Using our deep understanding of the wholesale distribution industry, in combination with our technological expertise, Cloud Culture were able to help Kadan process map the solution and customize NetSuite to meet their unique business needs.

A key element of this was the streamlining of the quoting system, which can now capture all quoted information in the one place, so it’s easily accessible.

We were able to streamline pricing matrices, a process that had previously been handled manually. Now, when an opportunity is setup, pricing can be automatically calculated based on whether the quote is for a wholesaler or a contractor.

Knowing material requirements planning was critical for Kadan, who often manage projects with timelines of longer than a year. NetSuite allows them to monitor product supply, giving them the ability to adapt to the variables that come with changing project scope.

Thanks to the ability to integrate 3rd Party Applications into NetSuite, Kadan have been able to connect Ready Freight to their ERP, achieving significant efficiencies.

We were also able to provide the specific vertical market specialists Kadan needed to perfect their implementation.

The Business They're Being

Implementation of NetSuite into their business has enhanced Kadan’s business data automation and operational efficiency.

The ability to measure and track pricing variations with precision has improved accuracy and given Kadan a competitive edge.

NetSuite’s flexible architecture also leaves room for growth, with the introduction of both CRM and Payroll modules on the horizon, as Kadan continues to evolve and grow.

While Kadan had some reservations that they might be too small to capitalize on the power of NetSuite, the successful and ongoing implementation into their business shows that this ERP solution can be tailored to suit any business need.

NetSuite’s adaptability and robust integration capabilities will continue to serve Kadan as they navigate the shifting landscape of their industry, and Cloud Culture will be there to support them every step of the way.

Cloud Culture is the bridge between the technical knowledge of NetSuite and the real-world processes that impact day-to-day business. It’s not enough to just know the technology – it’s the business knowledge to translate that technology into a practical solution that makes the Cloud Culture team such a powerful partner.
Jerry Argyriou
Executive Director, Kadan

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