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Are you a brewery owner looking to take your operations to the next level? Consider the power of NetSuite ERP for breweries!

We can help you to

Get Accurate COGS

Essential for knowing if you’re making or losing money, across multiple recipes with fluctuating supply prices.

Without visibility on accurate COGS, you’re flying blind and could be selling at a loss, or priced so high you can’t sell. Base your pricing strategies on actual fully costed production (incl. Excise, Labour and Energy).

We can help you understand what drives your pricing, so you can make smart decisions not just on the price you should sell at, but whether you should manufacture an item at all.

Manage Excise and CDS

Stop worrying about the ATO knocking on your door.

Include excise in all production and be able to get auditable reporting and pay based on detailed movements.

Accurate Container Deposit Scheme reporting at the push of a button. Saves hours of manual calculations.

Control your Inventory

Know exactly how much stock you have at each location. Monitor stock nearing expiry. All in real time – no waiting for spreadsheets.

We’ll help you make planning easier by putting all the data in the one place. We can execute MRP and tie this into Procurement and Inventory Transfers to optimise stock levels to meet demand.

Drive revenue with mobile empowered sales teams

Remove barriers to sales success with real time data at your sales team’s fingertips. Fully functional google route optimisation for trip planning with visibility of all licenced premises.

Automated order picking all the way to invoicing removes manual and repetitive tasks releasing your team to add real customer value.

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