We know what it’s like to be in your business.

Coming from a manufacturing background, we’ll speak your language from day one.

But we also know that the Food & Beverage industry faces several unique challenges.

We can help you to

Get Accurate COGS

Essential for knowing if you’re making or losing money, especially in high volume – low price supply deals to major supermarket chains.

We’ll help you implement accurate multi-currency landed cost and accurate 3-way purchase order matching.

Accurately Forecast and Plan

There’s a fine line between not being able to supply and being stuck with excess, expired stock.

We’ll help you make planning easier by putting all the data in the one place. We can execute MRP and tie this into Procurement and Inventory Transfers to optimise stock levels to meet demand.

Handle QA, QC and Traceability with ease

Any sort of traceability is usually fraught with lots of paper, is prone to error and presents a nightmare if you have a recall.

Our platform delivers a QA/QC Module with wholesale distribution and manufacturing accounts that handle batch number tracking also have very good backward and forward lot traceability.

Our experience doesn’t stop there.

We’ve also worked with clients to build additional functionality including management of Consignment Stock, sending invoices to multiple email addresses, Proforma Invoices and Deposit management.

We’ve also invested heavily in management of Excise and CDS (Container Deposit Scheme) reporting.

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