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What is your Why?

Why do you exist? What is the aim of your company? What is your purpose? Do all your employees share your purpose and vision? At Cloud Culture our...

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What is your approach to Data Migration?

We are often asked about existing data and the whether this is a daunting task for those considering migrating to Cloud based solutions. Data Migra...

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What are the stages in a Cloud Culture Implementation?

Initiate – Project Kick Off. Assigned activities to project team. Analyze – Discussion of Strategic directions of the Business and the busi...

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What are the attributes Cloud Culture brings to an organisations implementation of NetSuite?

We are commonly asked what we bring to the organisations that we implement and work with. We bring the following; 1. Business strategy – we spen...

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What are some of the critical success factors in having a successful ERP project?

The success of the project is greatly depended on: - **Executive sponsorship & involvement.** It’s a top priority for the business and executives a...

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What is your Cloud Strategy?

More and more organisations are adopting cloud solutions as a way of transitioning into the future, especially in Australia. In fact, a recent repo...

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