What are the attributes Cloud Culture brings to an organisations implementation of NetSuite?

We are commonly asked what we bring to the organisations that we implement and work with.

We bring the following;

1. Business strategy – we spend time with you to understand your business strategy. We focus our implementation resources to achieving your business objectives. If your objective is to grow the business, we ensure you focus and understand the Lead to Order and marketing functionality.

2. We are business owners – we have built our previous businesses on NetSuite and see the benefits it quickly adds to the business. We focus on core functionality to Go live, use the system and enhance the solution to improve productivity.

3. Shared implementation – A Shared Consulting implementation is a cooperative, hands-on Project, jointly managed by Cloud Culture and Customer. ****We work with the Customer to plan the Project – its functional scope, the schedule, the resources, and the budget. We will teach the Customer how to configure and maintain the system in order for the Customer to become self-sufficient with the functionality. For example, Cloud Culture will show the Customer how to create a billing schedule in order for Customer to enter their remaining billing schedules into the application.

4. Add Shareholder Value – We aim to assist companies to increase shareholder value by working with business owners/managers to increase growth, become more efficient and optimise capital.

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