In fact, a recent report by the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australia is way ahead in their cloud adoption compared to other countries such as the UK, United States, and France. It is fantastic news for early adopter organisations who have already invested and moved to the cloud. In addition to the operational efficiency that cloud solutions provide, businesses are utilizing the cloud as a strategy to achieve growth.

In a recent survey published by Right Scale, respondents have highlighted that adopting cloud solutions have helped organizations to scale and achieve higher performance. Imagine what cloud solutions can do for your business! While some business owners maintain a fear of the cloud, we’ve established that on the other side of fear is freedom. That’s why having the right cloud strategy is pivotal for your business’ success. A cloud strategy defines your business goals and clearly identifies how you are going to use cloud solutions to get there. Having a cloud strategy will help you to identify and implement cloud solutions that you need to run your business effectively. Coming up with a cloud strategy can be a complex process for many business owners, revealing the importance of skilled and experienced internal members or trusted partners who can guide you.

Experienced advisors will ensure that you are spending your resources on cloud solutions that are inline with your business goals. We at Cloud Culture have taken a different approach in working with our partners. Instead of jumping into solutions or projects, we help organisations develop their cloud strategy and choose the right cloud solutions for their business. We have developed and implemented cloud strategies for our partners for about 6+ years and have seen how businesses under an effective cloud strategy have transformed.

We strongly recommend developing a cloud strategy that will make the most of your business transformation.

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