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  • Customisation of NetSuite to suit business requirements
  • A unified ERP system that will scale
  • The ability to report by market 
  • Exceptional Remote Inventory Management Capabilities

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Where we started

Kelly Tillage started as a small family engineering business on a farm near Booleroo Centre, South Australia. Founder Peter Kelly, was a farmer known for solving whatever challenge came to his door. When he invented the innovative diamond disc-chain and revolutionised shallow soil tillage, the business was propelled to global success.

With rapid expansion and a commitment to innovation, integrity, sustainability, and community, Kelly Tillage faced challenges as their business grew. Operations were run on two disparate systems and lacked the capacity to manage their globally expanding enterprise. Visibility across departments and markets had become a major issue.

What we delivered

Kelly Tillage knew they needed NetSuite to help solve their growth challenges.

Cloud Culture conducted a comprehensive scoping exercise to understand business requirements, and determined that NetSuite Manufacturing Premium was the ideal ERP solution for their needs.

The NetSuite solution provided Kelly Tillage with a unified ERP system that covered critical business processes, including financials, CRM, sales, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, case management, and fixed assets.

Customisation allowed us to address specific business requirements that weren’t out-of-the-box for NetSuite, such as managing multiple sales tax jurisdictions and handling make-to-stock manufacturing processes.

Some complexities emerged during the implementation process that made the estimated 4-month process into a 6-monthprocess. But by working closely with Kelly Tillage, we were able to ensure a smooth go-live.

Our extensive knowledge of manufacturing meant we spoke the same language from day one, allowing for smooth communication and action.

The Business They're Being

With NetSuite in place, Kelly Tillage experienced a transformative shift in their operations.

NetSuite's real-time data gives Kelly Tillage the visibility they need to make informed decisions and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, while remote inventory management capabilities have streamlined processes and improved efficiency.

The business has a deeper understanding of gross margin at a landed cost basis and a facilitated absorption costing methodology for labour and freight. And the system’s financial reporting capabilities, including market-specific profit and loss accounts and balance sheets, have eliminated the reliance on external sources of data.

NetSuite implementation has empowered the business to operate globally, with the system capable of scaling alongside their growth. By partnering with Cloud Culture and leveraging NetSuite, Kelly Tillage have laid strong foundations for future success.

This is by far the most smoothly executed implementation I've ever been involved in. It came down to really strong project management from both sides and a high level of commitment from both sides to make it work, at all costs.
Calvin Stead
CEO, Kelly Tillage

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