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  • Have a robust system allowing the business to more than double in size
  • Ability to make informed business decisions based on real-time data  
  • Increased capability for growth  
  • Agility to respond to market trends

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Where we started

La Casa Del Formaggio is a family owned and operated business, located in South Australia.

Specialising in the manufacture of cheese and dairy products, the business was growing exponentially. While the existing MYOB solution was good when the business was small, it wasn’t able to grow as La Casa did.

There was an enormous amount of double entry, spreadsheets and manual paperwork required to manage their unique business processes and the complexities of their business data.

What we delivered

NetSuite was a great fit for La Casa as the software can be customised to handle many of the unique food and beverage manufacturing processes La Casa work with every day.

NetSuite Manufacturing was chosen for its ability to deliver the required ERP process area in one live system, giving La Casa the grunt it needed across all its business processes including accounts, sales, manufacturing and procurement.

Through a series of face-to-face workshops, Cloud Culture determined the best NetSuite configuration to suit La Casa’s needs.

Great organisational culture and process change is part of the challenge when implementing a new ERP system. Working with key decision makers, we mapped the ultimate solution, then worked with the business to incrementally deliver new functionality.

Once we had customised NetSuite to the business requirements, we assisted with data migration, staff training and post-go-live support.

La Casa was also one of the first sites in Australia to implement the new Advanced Bill of Materials functionality, giving the business better separation of duties, real time consumption of raw materials, and completion of finished goods.

The Business They're Being

When the NetSuite Solution went live, it gave La Casa the ability to see accurate, real-time financial data for the very first time.

Access to this data has enabled them to respond in an agile way to changes in the market, particularly through COVID where reliable market trends made significant shifts.

La Casa has than doubled the number of contracted dairy farmers in their supply chain, expanded into milk and cream supplies, and tripled their turnover.

They have increased their volumes to scale without having to double-down on their workforce and are able to see accurate cost of goods data to support strategic pricing decisions.

Implementation of NetSuite OneWorld into La Casa’s solution has since expanded their ability to manage all their legal entities and intercompany transactions in one place.

A $35 million new factory build is in play, and NetSuite has stepped up to handle the procurement and Fixed Asset management for all the new equipment, with the rollout of a warehouse management system integration with Cloud Coders becoming the next phase of La Casa’s evolution into the business they were meant to be.

Every company is different, and we needed some custom solutions built into our ERP. Steve and his team understand how other software works and how it will work together with NetSuite, so we can use it in the best way for our business. Cloud Culture has expertise, beautiful project management and a level of customer support that is just unbelievable.
Lana Bozhko
General Manager Finance, La Casa

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